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Ahead of the release of his new Greatest Hits collection, Ricky Martin took the time to chat to us about politics, Livin' La Vida Loca and who he wants to duet with most.

-How are you?
Great, thank you for your time.
-Are you excited for the release of your Greatest Hits?
I am very excited. I'm also adding a couple of new tracks. The idea of being able to go back on stage with a Greatest Hits is really good. It's been a beautiful couple of years, so I can't wait to go back to the UK.

-You mentioned the new tracks. What direction are you taking with the new material?
I've always worked with fusion. I've always added a bit of a Latin sound, which is very important to me because it's who I am, but I'm also influenced by European sounds.
We can go from dance to Latin in the same song. We can do it very organically, not abrupt, but yeah I do want to take a few risks, to do things I haven't done in a long time.
I'm very happy. The reaction has been very positive, from the media and the audience. We'll see what happens.

-What can fans expect from the collection?
We'll go back in time, and go back to good moments. The songs that we've chosen for this CD were hits and they will take you to those great summer days, but at the same time will take you to romantic moments of life and to where we are today.
There's a bit of dance, that energy and repetitive hook. Musicality is very important. I'm working again with Desmond Childs, someone I have a lot of respect for and I've worked with in the past. Everything is very positive, man. It just doesn't get better.

-Is this signaling the end of one phase of your career as you move onto something new?
I try not to do the same thing today that I did 10 years ago. Yes, I do want allow myself to experience and go through motions as transparently as I can when I'm in the studio.
Right now, after this tour, I'm going to New York where I'll do one year working in Evita doing theatre. What I'm trying to say by this, is I'll have the time during the day to be creative, musically speaking, and go to places I've never been.
Exactly where I'm at or where I'm going with my next production, I really don't know. I know it's going to be mature, transparent...I'm not going to pushed or seduced by a fear of running out of time, which usually happens.

-Was the release your idea, rather than a push from management or the label?
Well, everything that's happened in the last 2 years has been so organic. Releasing my book, from the book to this album and then the tour.
I'm doing what I need to do in order to feel good about myself and my career. I guess the reaction of the audience, that's what they feel.
The honesty, the transparency of it all. The record company feels it, they get it. I'm very happy that they're supporting me on this.

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