14 Şubat 2013 Perşembe



Ersin Faikzade is international music man, most powerful and Diamond Voice of Turkey,
And World recognize Goodwill Ambassador .Ersin Faikzade very colorful album of the 2013 musical feast for those who love music.

 We know his great heart for poor people and disabilities.
After Great Success Duet with SATTAR (Persian Star) ''Simin Bari song''.

All İranians Love him so much. But Ersin Faikzade also singing English,French,İtalian,Spanish songs too and Latin American fans a lots. His Spanish songs are really fantastic too. He is Global Singer.

Young,noble and Handsome Singer.

          Some internet web sites says for him ''One of the most attractive man and so elegant''.

               And Now Ersin Faikzade says '' I know All İranians love me and I love all Great İranian People and all World People .
          Ersin Faikzade's new music album coming soon and He made a surprise for Persian ,Turkish and Latin Americans.

He sang surprise song for his İranian,Turkish and Latin American Spanish lovers.
Turkey's best song writer ''Ahmet Selcuk İlkan'' wrote Turkish part persian unforgettable song. Ahmet Selcuk İlkan is most important songwriter and he has got thousands songs and famous singers singing them.
This Song will take a great success like a Simin Bari song.
All İranian lovers of Ersin Faikzade ,waiting this great song.

        This Music Album has got 12 new songs and  full of peace, meaning and enjoyable.Frequently, these songs are dance clubs playing.

And another surprises are Ersin Faikzade made a duet with Latin American pop singer Giovanni Gellona ''Dance With Me'' this song will be summer hit dance song all the world. Just a Techno music style.
The International Human Rights Commission designated Mr. Ersin Faikzade, as the "Ambassador of Goodwill for Humanity" from 26th March 2011. The International Human Rights Commission Secretariat named him Ist Turkish Artist and personality as
"Ambassador at Large for Peace"
from 21st September 2011

2012 Mediterrian Dario Moreno Friendship,Peace,Love and Music Award Given for ERSIN FAIKZADE.

İranian Best Singer Sattar and Ersin Faikzade made a friendship duet 2012 and it won a great success.

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