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Ambassador ERSIN FAIKZADE is turning 30th years old


'' Today'' ERSİN FAİKZADE is turning 30th years old.
 World knows his infinite love, compassion and love concerts allows projects made ​​with humanity.
 Humble and noble personality, an aristocratic past, that will be a role model for the youth of the world, life, Ersin Faikzade Growing Hearts. '' '
Presidency of the Human Rights Organization of Pakistan''

FAİKZADE ERSİN of fans around the world,
  '' Today's'' declared on Ersin Faikzade Goodness day''
In particular, France, Paraguay, Chile, England, America, Germany, Egypt, Pakistan and India fans stormed custom postcards.

Dubbed the “Diamond Child of Turkey” and the “Voice of Peace,” Ersin Faikzade’s music continues to resonate his talents as well as his humanity.  

we introduced Ersin to our readers by honoring him as April’sDiplomat Artist of the Month (See my previous blog : http://www.filmannex.com/posts/blog_show_post/ersin-faikzade-aprils-diplomat-artist/49536    and the International Human Rights Council (IHRC) “Ambassador of Goodwill for Humanity.”)

After his mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Faikzade devoted himself to the sick and needy. With this objective in mind, he has given many free concerts for various charities and organizations in Turkey. Through his participation in international humanitarian projects like the Plast Lluest Day Service for the mentally disabled, he particularly aims to help those who are struggling with Down’s Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Leprosy, and Cancer. In Turkey, Ersin is a member of the Buca Disabled Society, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Fight Against Leprosy Association, the Antalya People-Who-Do-Not-Know-Barriers Association, the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) and the Mothers Association. On the international stage, he is a member of the European Union Former Volunteers, The DIANA Princess of Wales Organization, the International Still’s Disease Foundation, and the World Friendship Force Organization.

Ersin captures people all over the world through his songs and personal appearances. An international bridge and bond in love between East and West, both the western and eastern melodies of his music are blended. His rich tenor embodies romantic ballads with traditional and classical Turkish sound, infused with French, Italian, and Spanish accents utilizing a modern infrastructure.
In this music album, songs in many areas are represented, including friendship, unconditional love, family, loyalty, eternity, and death.  Consisting of 33 reeds from the orchestra, it is a true  musical feast and was many years in the making.  It is Ersin Faikzad’s Gift to Humanity.  The cd with itunes also will be sold all over the globe where his worldwide fan base will have access to his music and message of love and peace.
See Ersin Faikzade’s Official Website: http://www.ersinfaikzade.net

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