22 Kasım 2013 Cuma

The sexiest men of 2013

We love a hot celebrity man here at international music news and these are the ones that are making us go weak at the knees. Enjoy...

Hollywood is great for giving us ladies the hottest, sexiest, most desirable men in the planet. From the older gentleman to the younger kids with “swag”; there is a man out there to suit every taste, and with more and more talent coming about every year, it would be impossible to list them all. We can, of course, give you the top 100 hottest men in the world 2013 however, and may we suggest that you buckle your seat belts, grab yourself a drink and settle yourself in the for long haul… This could get steamy! World celebrities,sexiest,nobles,singers,actors in this great list. 
  You can choose your best one too...Pleace comment for us and we will choose best one of 2013   Enjoy....

Most handsome of 2013 British Singer:  Adam Levine ,Ricky Martin , Paul Walker,Justin Timberlake and of course Ersin Faikzade.


William Levy
justin timberlake 2013

Eric Bana 2013

Prince William Windsor

Goodwill Ambassador and Turkish World Celebrity Ersin Faikzade


Paul Walker

George Clooney

Prince Carl Philip


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