6 Nisan 2016 Çarşamba

Ersin Faikzade took courage and bravery medal in Hamburg -Germany

He is one of the a few rare artists in the world... Ersin Faikzade taken König Ferdinand I. von Rumanien Medall in Hamburg Great talent singer and goodwill ambassador of world,Ersin Faikzade gave a legend concerts in Hamburg. People loves him so much ,because he is so natural and so mystic. He has a fascinating charisma... He is experiencing a great enthusiasm in his every concert.people love this young man told them the heart.People from many countries met in Germany for this concert. from Portugal,France,İtaly,İran,Holland ,Turkey. impressive ability to appeal...He appeals to people's hearts Artist in 7 countries awarded the Medal of Honor and numerous titles.Great Honour singer and Ambassador.

Also He is international fashion icon and giving amazing artistic poses for world fashion magazines .
  His new catalog shootings in Hamburg

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